Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generators for GC and other critical analytical

The Parker domnick hunter nitrogen gas generators employ robust, field proven technology to produce ultra high purity nitrogen for critical life science,
chemical analysis and spectroscopy applications. Flow rates range from 0.55 L/min to 3 L/min, with purities >99.9995%.
The generators provide a continuous stream of ultra high purity nitrogen from a single ‘plug & play’ unit. Models are available with and without an integral an oil free compressor, are extremely quiet in operation and are fully approved for use by major instrumentation manufacturers. Innovative design features include economy mode as standard which extends compressor life and significantly reduces on going running costs.

Product Features

Complete ‘Plug and Play’ system specifically designed for critical analytical applications

Produces a continuous supply of 99.999% purity nitrogen 24 hours a day

Integral oil free compressor, with advanced noise reduction technology

Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous nitrogen cylinders

Compact, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance

Economy mode as standard; increases compressor life