MIDIGAS LAB for multiple LC/MS and centralised laboratory supply

The Parker domnick hunter MIDIGAS LAB nitrogen gas generators employ robust, field proven technology to produce high purity nitrogen for a number of medium flow, high demand analytical applications, such as multiple LC/MS installations. Flow rates range from 9 L/min to 408 L/min, with purities from >95% to >99.999%. The MIDIGAS LAB generators provide a continuous stream of high purity nitrogen from a innovative modular unit.

Models are available with or without an external compressed air system, and offer a compelling alternative to other modes of supply such as cylinders or liquid. Innovative design and technology facilitate maximum instrument uptime, attractive return on investment and proven analytical

Product Features

Innovative modular system specifically for multiple LC/MS and centralised supply applications

Produces a continuous stream of high purity analytical grade nitrogen 24 hours a day

Integral automatic economy mode and continuous purity monitoring

Digital and analogue outputs of remote monitoring and alarm capabilities

Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous nitrogen cylinders and dewars

Robust, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance