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New Generation HPLC Column - Highest technology (3rd generation) Silica packing



Moreover, the mediterranea™ sea18 column has been designed to show an excellent retention of polar compounds in a 100% aqueous environment without the problems of unwanted interactions which inefficiently endcapped conventional packings produce. Packing chemistry based on the new MED technology, “multifunctional endcapping deactivated”, achieves levels of deactivation, resistance to extreme pH values and versatility in its chromatographic applications never reached by conventional or polar-embedded reverse phase packings.The MED technology has been rigorously developed to achieve the maximum reproducibility, with the objective that its chromatographic separations will be, column to column, exactly the same.

An essential condition for obtaining the global-best reverse phase packing is an extremely pure silica. The silica particle, on which the new mediterranea™ sea18 packing is based, is obtained from ultra-pure materials, using rigorously controlled manufacturing processes to ensure that the slightest possibility of contamination is avoided. The mediterranea™ sea18 silica required intensive optimisation of numerous processing factors to achieve a perfectly spherical, rigid and inert particle possessing unusually low metal content. The almost total absence of metals is one of the pillars over which the extraordinary properties of the mediterranea™ sea18 column reside.


• Ultra high purity totally spherical silica gel provide a high resolution and excellent peak shape
• High loading capacity of crude proteins
• High density bonding for extreme performance proprietary fully end-capped silica
• Stable, featuring extended acidic and basic conditions
• Silica properties: ultra pure and totally spherical narrow distribution range and high density
• Fully end-capped silica
• Porous Size: 300Å narrow particle size distribution
• Surface Area 100 m2/gr.
• % of Carbon 7 %
• Packed with 5μm sized silica particles
• Available as C4, C8, and C18 columns
• Microbore Columns are available in: 0.21, 0.30 cm I.D.
Analytical Columns in: 0.40 and 0.46cm I.D. Semi-Prep in: 0.70-1.0cm Prep Columns in: 2.1cm and larger diameter by request


Tracer Excel

• Exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility.
• Ultra-pure silica.
• Extremely low content of metals.
• Perfect sphericity.
• Meticulously controlled materials.
• Maximum pH range (between 1.5 and 11.0)
• 3, 5 and 10 μm particles
• Easily scaled-up, from microbore to preparative HPLC.
• Available with 300A pore size for biochromatography.
• Exceptional long lifetime.
• Wide range of packings.
• Fully deactivated after functional bonding.

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