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GC Capillary Columns

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• Metal Columns
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• Columns by Polarity
• GC Guardcolumns
• Volatiles Analysis
• Aromatics
• Sterols
• Triazines
• Cis/Trans FAME
• Hydrocarbons
• Biodiesel
• Saccharin Impurities

Sapiens Capillary columns

Developed with new integral Technology

Molecular Stabilization Process incorporated (MSP)

Highest inertness for Acid and Basic compounds

Extreme Low Bleed (max. sensibility)

Warranted Reproducibility between batches


Tracer Excel

Support Chromosorb, Hayesep, Porapack, Carboblack,
Phases Carbowax, OV, SE,
Tubing materials GC Packed Columns available as:
-Glass (2, 3, 4 mm ID) 6 mm OD
-Stainless Steel (1/8” OD, 1/4” OD)
-Deactived Stainless Steel (1/4” OD)
GC Micropacked Columns available as:
-Sulfinert (0.53, 0.75, 1 mm ID)