C02 Free Air Generators for FT-IR & TOC Applications

The Parker Zander K-MT-LAB CO2 removal purifier employs, robust, field proven technology to produce ultra high purity CO2 free air for critical FT-IR and TOC purge applications. Flow rates range from 1.5 L/min to 100 L/min, with purities <1 ppm residual C02 and <0.003 ppm residual hydrocarbons.
The K-MT-LAB CO2 removal purifiers provide a continues stream of ultra high purity CO2 free air from a single compact system. K-MT-LAB systems employ both upstream and downstream filtration to safeguard your analytical workflow.

Innovative design and technology facilitate maximum instrument uptime, attractive return on investment and proven analytical performance eliminating the need for other modes of supply.

Product Features

Complete compact and modular design for critical applications

Produces a continuous supply CO2 free air 24 hours a day

Ultra high purity reduces signal/noise ratio, improving analytical performance

Protects delicate optic surfaces and air bearings against moisture

Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous synthetic air cylinders

Compact, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance